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Curtis gave these dogs a life and love.  He bought property and built them homes.  For many years he ran Budders and Fredders Rescue located in Seattle.  When the shelter had a dog they thought had been treated badly, they called Curtis.  He took in the dogs that were never going to get out alive. 

Quite often he would simply visit local shelters and look for the special dogs that weren’t coping with life in the loud, busy environment.  No dog escaped his attention or his compassion. 
Curtis took special care to make sure that each and every one would never face shelter life again.  He made sure every dog had the medical care it needed, proper nourishment, exercise and love.

At B Sides Sanctuary we celebrate Curtis’ love, compassion and life knowing he is now surrounded by the tail wagging friends who passed before him.
Sadly, there isn’t room for anymore right now.  Curtis died before we were able to complete the sanctuary.  He was the chief builder and planner for dog houses.  While we have people who know these dogs and are willing to help us build, we have no funding for materials. 

Right now we are concentrating on the dogs we currently have and our medical bills are high for the older dogs who have physical impairments.

You can help by donating.  We are a 501C, Non-Profit in the state of Washington.  Every dollar and item you donate is tax deductible and every penny you donate goes directly to the care of these wonderful dogs.

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